Alexander The Great: The Most Significant Figure In History

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Alexander the Great was one of the most significant figures of its time. He was able not only to expand Greek culture through his empire, but also he overpowered the great Persian Empire. Even though Alexander lived a short life, he made an impact in history that would endure forever. I choose this figure because of his incredible history, intelligence, and military strategy that sets him apart of all other conquerors.
Alexander was born in Macedonia, son of Philip II, king of Macedonia. At an early age, Alexander was thought by the philosopher Aristotle, who inspired him with an interest in philosophy, medicine, and scientific investigation. Moreover, his father Philip shared with him his ideas to expand Macedonia. At the age of 20, Alexander …show more content…

When he was young, he figured out that his father's horse was scared of his shadow. He notices which way the horse looked when he was scared. As a result, Alexander was able to ride him when nobody else could do it. Furthermore, Aristoteles was a tutor that guided his ideas and thought him organization and discipline. During his childhood, Alexander proves his leadership skills and his ambitions to conquer the world.
In front of the Macedonian Army, he guided his troops to successful victories through his well-planned strategies. From his first victory at age 18, Alexander gained a reputation of leading his men to battle with impressive speed, allowing smaller forces to reach and break the enemy lines before his adversaries were ready. During fifteen years of conquest, Alexander never lost a battle. He uses great ingenuity and lateral thinking to defeat vast superior forces such as the Persian Empire.
Alexander was one of the greatest leaders of all time. His history prevails to this day, and his military tactics are still studied in modern military academies. Upon his death, Alexander conquered most of the world known to the Greeks. His great ambitions lead him to believe that everything was possible. Throughout time, his legacy will never

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