Alexander Von Metternich's Balance Of Power

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The Great Powers consisted of Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia, although eventually France joined later. The most influential leader of the Congress of Vienna was Austrian Empire’s Foreign Minister, Prince Klemins Von Metternich. He believed in reinstating a balance of power, and restoring Europe’s royal families to the throne so order can be created in the form of a monarchy. . He accomplished his first goal (wanting to prevent future French aggression by surrounding France with strong countries) by making the countries around France stronger (the Austrian Netherlands and Dutch Republic united to form the Kingdom of the Netherlands; thirty-nine German states were loosely joined to create the German Confederation, which was dominated by Austria; Switzerland became an independent state; and the Kingdom of Sardinia was strengthened by annexing Genoa). Metternich’s second goal (wanting to restore a balance of power) was …show more content…

In the early 1810’s, Alexander helped form the Big Four, which finally defeated the French emperor. As a part of the Congress of Vienna, the czar played a big part in the agreement to balance power and to get along with one another. In this meeting, Alexander was determined to obtain the only spoil that he wanted, Poland. Alexander was an idealist, and towards his later year, the czar became even more involved in mystical and spiritual events. Alexander was also a very religious man. He had such liberal ideas as giving Poland a liberal constitution (this allowed Poland to be partially restored) and funding universities and secondary schools in his country. Alexander had a negative effect on the Congress of Vienna because Viscount Castlereagh had to take time to deny Alexander territorial rights to Poland which in turn distracted from the Congress of Vienna’s main purpose to being with: to restore the balance of

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