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My timeline project will be talking about things I chose from chapter 8 through chapter 13 such as Greek Mythology, Socrates, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar's, and Cincinnatus. My first topic I will be talking about Greek Mythology it will be going in chronological order. The timeline will go from Greek Mythology all the way to Julius Caesar. It will include facts about the topic and what and why they did what they did. In the timeline it will include their date of birth and there death date and how they died if they did die.
Greek Mythology started out in ancient Greece. There are 100’s of gods in Greek Mythology one of the god’s name is Zeus he is the god of all gods in Greek Mythology. In Greek Mythology there are no original text …show more content…

He was one of the best leaders of a army, he has won 18 years of fighting and has never lost. He is one of the most powerful leader in history. His parents were king and queen and just at age 18 he took charge of the companion cavalry and aided Phillip in defeating Athenians and Thebans army. Alexander went to conquer Persia and Egypt. His empire stretched from the borders of Mediterranean Sea and India. He died at age 32 due to Malaria from mosquitos. He strengthened the cavalry arm. Instead of striking deep into Asia immediately, he spent nearly two years securing the coastal areas of Asia Minor. When his army marched further east there men were tired and refused to march further, so they turned back and headed back to …show more content…

Julius was a statesman for Rome and a general and an author. He played an important role in the event that led to the demise of the Roman Republic. and the starting of Roman Empire. Some people consider Julius a dictator. Julius Caesar transformed what became known as the Roman Empire, by expanding its geographic reach and establishing its imperial system. While it's been long disputed , it's estimated that Julius Caesar was born on the 13th of July or the 12th of July. Julius’s dad died when he was only 16 and only had his mom after that. The Rome of Caesar's youth was unstable an element of disorder ruled the republic. Julius had a nephew of another famous Roman general, Marius. After the death of Marius and the rise of Sulla, Julius’s life was in jeopardy. In the early 60’s B.C he launched his own successful political and military career. He campaigned successfully for the consulship and struck a deal with two of Rome’s leading figures. All together they controlled rome until the 50 B.C, until Caesar and Pompey (one of Rome’s figure) after Crassus’s death, went to war against one another in 49 B.C. Caesar devoted his energies to the conquest of Gaul (France). After serving as consul in 59 B.C, Caesar became governor of Cisalpine and transalpine Gaul. In 58, Helvetti in Switzerland attempt to migrate into Gaul and Caesar thought they would be threat. So he stopped them and sent them back to their homeland. Later he had become

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