Alignment To CPSA Strategic Directions Paper

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4. Alignment to CPSA Strategic Directions
This is an ideal project for the CPSA to fund due to the number of areas of alignment with the strategic plan and far-reaching impact and potential of the work. As a proactive and innovative solution, this project can help place CPSA at the forefront of innovation in health systems reform as a regulatory body that prioritizes advancing the wellbeing of its regulated members.
As detailed above, clinician wellbeing is critical to high quality care. The CPSA strategic direction on highest quality, compassionate and ethical care demonstrates the CPSA’s commitment to the health of Albertans and the highest standards of physician practice. In order to support physician excellence we must support physician …show more content…

This will be achieved through rich qualitative input and international consensus-building that will complement coordinated efforts in academic medicine with an end goal of improving health provider wellbeing and patient outcomes. This tool will be refined through stakeholder engagement with key individuals and groups who will be involved throughout the process.Through undertaking a rigorous design and development process, we expect that the tool will be well-received and quickly transition the adoption phase given that we will be working with stakeholders throughout the process. This proposal focuses on the development of the evaluation tool and implementation tool. The tool will initially be deployed in clinical settings that have already been identified as having opportunities for improvement. This will help inform us of the validity and effectiveness of the tool, additional information it provides (given there does not currently exist a health promoting assessment tool) and assist in implementation of …show more content…

This is called a sequential exploratory design. Firstly we will engage in qualitative semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders which will be analyzed by thematic analysis. Thematic analysis is an appropriate analytical framework through which to approach our research question, given that it will allow us to explore social, cultural, and structural contexts that influence individuals’ conception of a health promoting environment. It involves six steps (1) familiarizing yourself with the data (2) generating initial codes (3) searching for themes (4) review initial themes (5) define and name themes (6) and produce the report. As per this process, the transcripts will be coded using a bottom up approach. Thematic analysis allows for the identification, construction and labeling of recurrent themes and the interpretation of these themes in the context of the research question. For the purposes of this study we will consider relationships between themes and consider developing a conceptual model of the data given our overarching objective to develop an evaluation and implementation tool. Thus, our project will use thematic analysis with tenets of grounded theory. Grounded theory aims to develop a conceptual understanding of a phenomenon with the resulting constructed theory being co-developed by the research team and participants. Interviews will be done virtually

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