Allie Condie's Matched Themes

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The book Matched by Allie Condie is a very intriguing book, it is about a girl named Cassia who luckily on her 17th birthday, will get matched with the boy of her dreams and she thinks she will get matched with Xander, a boy who she has grown up with and who she fell in love with, and as usual she gets matched with Xander who she will spend the rest of her life with. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end happily ever after for these two, when another face shows up on the microcard which is a device that tells you more about your future mate. The face that was on the microcard was a boy named Ky who she also knew and grew up with, but beyond that, Cassia knew there was something off about Ky and it was his past. It wasn’t such a great past like Xander's, …show more content…

For example, the theme follow your heart is presented in the book from the many decisions Cassia had to make to determine her future. For instance, Cassia the main character had to make a decision on who she wants to spend the rest of her life with, Xander or Ky. She had to make a very challenging decision but all throughout the book she stuck to what she felt in her heart and that's what led her to the right path she wanted to be in all along which was to be with Ky. In addition, the next theme could also be stand by your moral. An example is when Cassia found out that the society was taking advantage of her and other people by making experiments with their future and everyone else was okay with it but Cassia wasn’t. She believed that everyone should have free will, individuality and a chance to do what they love. So Cassia stood up for her moral and she does what she thinks is right. Also, Cassia goes by this quote all throughout the book, “Do not go gentle.” This quote meant a lot to Cassia especially coming from her grandfather that died in the middle of the book, and she takes it to heart and she never stops until she knows what she did was right and what she did followed what she believed in. So Cassia followed her moral and what she believed in, and that showed in her decisions, her personality and how people perceive

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