Alma Thomas Major Accomplishments

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A famous artist once said “What I would rather do is to paint something beautiful”, Alma Thomas. Throughout her entire life Alma Thomas have created many paintings that hang up on museums walls where everybody was able to recognize that was a painting done by Alma Thomas. Not only did she spend time painting famous art work, Alma Thomas was an art teacher who taught at Washington D.C. schools for over 35 years. Many people today will describe Alma a force in the Washington Color School. Alma Thomas is an inspiration to me for her early life challenges, teaching career, and successful accomplishments.
First, Alma Thomas is an inspiration to me for her early life challenges. Alma Thomas was born in Columbus, Georgia on September 22, 1891. She was the oldest of four girls. Later throughout the years living in Georgia, her parents decided to move to Washington D.C., moving away from the segregation down in the south at that time. Alma parents wanted their four girls to have a better living without violence. Even though the national capitol was segregated, it still offered …show more content…

Alma Thomas began her teaching career in 1924, in Washington D.C. schools. She taught over for 35 years teaching art in many D.C. schools. Not only did she teach art, she was very devoted to her students. Alma organized art clubs, lectures, and also student’s exhibition for them. Teaching allowed Alma to support herself while pursuing her own painting part time. After teaching for over 35 years, Alma retired from teaching, and began to concentrate on art full time. During that time, Alma was finally able to develop her signature style. In 1966, Alma debuted her abstract work in Howard, at the age of 75. Many compared her work with Byzantine mosaics and the paintings of the Washington Color School. Her work was very quiet distinctive. One of Alma Thomas famous painting is the

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