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Amalia Garcia is a fifty-five year old woman with a big loving heart. I sat her down one evening and began with her interview. She’s a aged a bit since I had last seen her. Lose gray hairs hung down her full head of hair. The wrinkles on her lightly tanned skin tone. My aunt might be getting older, but her inner self is as shiny and energetic as ever. Shes gone through a lot in her fifty something years of life. I remember growing up checking how tall I was getting by standing next to her, but now it’s a strange feeling because for once I’m the “bigger” person. She welcomed my mother and me very kindly into her home. As I sat with her I could almost see all her mixed emotions in her eyes. People say they are the door to a person’s soul. My relationship with my aunt Amelia has always been great she’s always shown me the honor of being a good human being. She is truly someone i look up to in life. Throughout her years she's faced many challenges and has overcome them like jumping hurdles in track. I'm related to her by my mothers side of the family, she …show more content…

At first i could tell she was stumped and she had to really try. After a few minutes she said “Well my days had always been busy i never really had spare time.” I followed up by asking her to elaborate. So she went on and told me “Everyday my father would wake all eight of us up around five and we would get ready for a long days work. We walked very long distances to fields that my dad owned to work on planting, harvesting, pretty hard labor. We would stay there for 7-8 hours working non stop all 7 days of the week. Our living conditions then weren't so great we were poor so my dad taught us at an early age ‘you have to work towards change’. At noon we would all head home and me and along with my two other sisters assisted out mother in preparing food. After we ate we arranged all our supplies for the following day and went to

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