American Flag Persuasive Speech

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The flag
I believe that the American flag needs to be respected no matter what your belief may be. I get protesting the government and all that, but the flag shows us the freedom we have to protest it. What did the flag do to? Nothing, it just shows we have freedom in this country that other countries don’t have. In any other country they could get killed for stepping on their currency or touching their their flag in the wrong place.
Our flag represents our country and the freedom we have.If we protest our flag what do would we want our flag to represent. And if they do feel oppressed protest it somewhere else not on a football field. What the NFL is doing is disgraceful, But last year Colin Kaepernick was kneeling during the pledge and the …show more content…

Also, LGBTQ kids in school sit during the pledge because they don’t like Trump as President,If you want to protest...Protest you have the all the right to do so, but don’t bring in the American flag or the national anthem. Also don’t protest in schools or games, Go protest somewhere else like the White House.
Some people burn the American flag and that is unacceptable by most standards. Plus, in 1969, they made it a law that makes burning an american flag illegal and will not be tolerated. They could go to jail for burning the American flag, but they still do it and they still go unpunished. Why would we ever burn our flag? What did it do, It's not threatening your family, It's just waving around in the wind helplessly.
Now, I know nobody will listen to a 16 year old high schooler who has average grades in most classes but at least I know common courtesy, which most people nowadays don’t have it. When they protest the flag they’re doing way more. They’re protesting all the soldiers who are fighting to protect our country and our freedom. They’re also protesting the veterans and the fallen ones who fought for their country and their freedom to be gay, to worship their religion, to speak their mind, to protest thing. How could they have all this freedom and still feel oppressed by these

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