An Essay About Body Language

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In this article I want to show how body language can talk without words and without tongue, how it can show one’s thoughts, ideas and wishes. As we speak, we use more gesture than just words. We can also use our face, our hands, and even our own body. This type of communication can be expressed as "body language" or "non-verbal communication". This type of communication not only includes when we move our body, but also hand gestures, facial expressions which include eye contact, and how we use our voice Body language sometimes is an easier way of expressing feelings than spoken language. It is used in our everyday conversation, yet many people do not even realize what they are really "saying" about themselves.
Body language is a non-verbal communication. From my childhood I have been told “nod your head and smile when talking to someone”. I have been using this hint everyday and the result is always positive. It means our body can effect someones thoughts about us, as in this example of mine, nodding your head and smiling makes a great impression on others about you.
Take an example of job interview, if you shake your …show more content…

Eye contact, Body posture, Facial expressions, Handshakes.
Eye contact will show how you are confident. The greatest speakers knew how to move their eye in order to seem self-confidient. They consciously made gestures, hand movements only for leaving a perfect impression. It means the ancient greek also new this kind of secret manners behind the audience. The Princes from their childhood were taught how effectively speak and rule the audience. But todays researches show that there were the secrets of body language.
Body posture is also important as you should find always proper variant of posture to the situation. Facial expressions or mimics is the “head” of the body language because only your eye-brows, lip movements, cheek movements can show the feeling better than your

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