An Essay About My Writing Experience

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Reading her essay some experience does and does not align with my own experience when it comes to writing. The first thing is my experience when I write is to do it at the last minute, sometimes I don 't even write a first draft. Second thing is, many times my raft draft would be my final paper. When it comes to writing I don 't like taking days and days just to write one paper; if i am going to write one paper I am going to write it in one day. Many times it hard for me to sit down and write whatever comes to mind. When I write I like to make sure what I am writing makes senses, so that I don 't have to go back and fix a lot of things; especially if I am writing a long page paper. The only thing that I was able to agree on with her was that fact that not everyone write a perfect first paragraph. …show more content…

There are two sides when it comes to going advice to novice writers. First not everyone writes the same. Second everyone has a different way they take on when it comes to writing. In her essay she made a lot of assumption that everyone has a “shitty first draft”. My personal opinion is that not everyone writes “shitty” the first they start writing. Everyone has their own way of writing. For example, when I write I don 't usually write many drafts. In my opinion I believe that you should write a paper, proofread it yourself three times, fix the things you need to fix, and bring it to a tutor, then pass it in.

In the end everyone has there own way of writing. Some people write shitty first raft draft and others write perfect first raft draft. What I have did learn from reading this “My first shitty raft draft” is that everyone has their own unique way of thinking and doing things when it comes to writing. Another thing that I learned was that everyone has their own experiences when its comes to

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