12 Years A Slave: Movie Review

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Register to read the introduction…12 years a slave has a drama, history, and biography genre. This movie is very sadistic, so it is not recommended for people that are under age to watch this movie. This movie is reasonable to have some torching scene. This movie is not showing the human right because this movie is a flash back about slavery in the U.S The example is, when Pasty (Lupita Nyong’o) get a soap from mistress Shaw because Pasty (Lupita Nyong’o) because her master Mrs. Epps does not give her soap. Because of that she got beaten really hard. The idea of this movie is about the slavery in the 1800 and how people not treating people the same way because of not the same color skin. This movie is a flashback about the black people suffering in that time, and one of them is Solomon. He suffered for being slave for 12 years. Every black people can be taken to be slave, even though they are rich or not. A lot of people played in this movie, some of them are: Lupita Nyong’o as Pasty, Alfree Woodland as mistress show, Michael Fass Bender as Epps, Brad Pitt as bass, Paul Dono as Tibeats, Cameron as Alonzo, Quenvenzhane as Margaret, Uiuan Fleming Mullato…show more content…
It’s about an African American freeman, Solomon Northup who was taken in Washington and was sold to be a slave in 1841. Solomon Northup used to work as a violinist and was living in a happy family in New York. There were two white men that tricked Solomon; they invited Solomon to a dinner. Solomon got dunked because of them. When he woke up in the morning, the two white men bring him to a slavery place. He didn’t know what was going on. Solomon was ship to be sold. He was sold to Mr. Ford; Mr. Ford was more kind than the other master that worked with Mr. Ford owned a plantation and Solomon worked there. Solomon had an idea and shared it to Mr. Ford and Tibeats (also his master). Tibeats did not agree with him but Mr. Ford let him try his idea. Mr. Ford congratulates him because his idea was a success, but the Tibeats was mad because he was not right. That master became hating him. Tibeats almost killed Solomon, but he survived because his master safe him. When Mr. Ford came to the plantation he immediately helped Solomon. Solomon was moved to become the slave of Mr. Epps. Mr. Epps was a mean and cruel person. Mr. Epps got interested for raping Pasty. Pasty is a girl who also becomes the slave of Mr. Epps. After years, in the middle of the night Solomon went to a white guy room and asked helped from a white guy to help him send a letter to his family. The white guy was also the slave of Mr. Epps. The white guy wanted to help Solomon; before Solomon gives the letter to the white guy he already told Mr. Epps and betrayed Solomon. Solomon tried again to another white, which is Bass. Bass is very generous he helped Solomon by writing a letter to Solomon’s friend to release him. Solomon was working in the field and got helped by his friend (white man) to go from his slave possession. Mr. Epps has to release Solomon because of his friend. At the end of the story Solomon survived and was sent back home for being a slave for
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