Dred Scott Speech Analysis

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On June 26, 1857, Abraham Lincoln gave a speech on the Dred Scott decision, the Dred Scott is a decision on whether or not the negroes were considered part of the constitution or a “separate class of person”, in the end, they ruled that they were not part of it of the constitution and were considered a “separate class of person”. this got the attention of Abraham Lincoln the president of the united states of america. He gave a speech on how the dred scott decision that chief justice Taney, and the supreme court made was unconstitutional. he explains that the decision was unconstitutional and that the black in five out of the thirteen states that were check shows that black were given the right to vote and some were free negroes. This speech Abraham Lincoln gave spark an argument between the north and south on whether they should keep slavery. The south wanted to keep slavery but the north…show more content…
"After years. the Civil War, poor black and white farmers worked together to elected politicians who supported them. The politicians they elected gave them better government, better roads, and better working conditions."In response, one major goal of Jim Crow was to ensure that poor whites and blacks would never unite again. To stop the black political threat, blacks were "disenfranchised," or not allowed to vote. Lack of voting power made blacks unable to remove elected officials they did not like. It also made them easy targets for politicians who wanted to distract the white voters' attention from unfair taxes and corrupt governments." the reason they did this is to keep the poor blacks and whites under control and control there voting and making their life harder in order to keep the
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