Analysis Of Falling Man By Don Delillo

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Falling Man On 11th of September America was in chaos due to an event which shocked the whole world. Two towers fell and America was at war. With people suiciding by jumping from the towers and rubble, mud and debris flying around the streets of New York, chaos thrived and people panicked. This world of chaos is depicted in the book “Falling Man” by Don DeLillo (2007), in which a man named Keith Neudecker wanders the city during the fall of the Twin Towers. In the 1st chapter of Don Delillo’s “Falling Man” the reader is drawn right into the midst of things. “It was not a street anymore but a world, a time and space of falling ash and near night. He was walking north through rubble and mud and there were people running past holding towels to their faces or jackets over their heads.” (P.1 L.1). The scene is set with utter chaos and mud, rubble and debris are scattered all around the city, which is the cause of disoriented and scared people running away from the cause of this terror. Roaring sounds from sirens and screams fills the air as police officers and firemen are scurrying about. It’s overall a state of emergency. We are told about this utter chaos by a narrator who, although noticing everything that’s happening in the city, is focusing on an anonymous person. The actions of this anonymous person are portrayed in a past tense, though the events happening seem to unfold in real time. “He saw members of the tai chi group from the park nearby, standing with hands extended

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