Analysis Of Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser

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Why is health such an important thing in human lives and why are those humans not caring for that life? These are the questions that people should ask themselves. We live in a world where almost everything is processed and almost nothing is grown organically, many are not taught how to cherish what is given and don’t realize that the human body is like a temple that should be loved inside and out. In the book of Eric Schlosser, “Fast Food Nation”, Schlosser talks about the history of how the big fast food chains started and what they did to make there chain more productive to clientele, but also Schlosser mentions in what conditions some of the meat that was cut was in There are also the factors about how much of an impact there is when people …show more content…

In an article from national society they mention that the foods that are killing people slowly isn’t only the fast food or the high processed foods that is found in the grocery store but the extremely processed salts, and refined sugars. It is mentioned that because of that it can cause autoimmune diseases. Schlosser also mentions one of the diseases that are deadly if not treated properly, “ More than half of all American adults and about one-quarter of all American children are no obese or overweight”(240). All this had started since the late 1970’s and its still going on in this day in age, but many do not want to realize that it is something that n one should be proud of. Obesity happens because many people tend to consume fast food because it is the easiest option than taking time to make a nutritional meal. Schlosser mentions why people do not care much for healthy options, “Consumers savor the flavor while operators embrace [the] profit margin”(241). That is pretty much saying that the even if they do have a healthier option, it does not necessary mean that it is healthy at all. Another article from natural news mentions what obesity because of processed foods does to the body. The article says that although many people do not eat at any fast food restaurant they can still find processed foods in grocery markets, that …show more content…

It is cheaper to make processed foods than it is to grow organically, organic food takes time to grow there is no other way and some things that are grown are seasonal too. For example apples grow once a year but they are seen all year round in conventional stores, but typically in farmers markets they have the apples when it is in season. Population growth is one of the reasons why processed foods were invented besides the money; they compete with other places and sell processed fruits and vegetables for a cheaper price than the organic stores. There are many people in world, and the industries that once used to grow organically found an easier and cheaper way to feed consumers without having to loose money in the process. It also has to do with the area, meaning the neighborhood that those people live in, for instance, if a person lives in Beverly hills, there are less fast food restaurants and a lot less grocery stores that have processed foods, but if anyone goes to a store in Compton, almost in every corner there is a fast food restaurant and grocery stores that do not offer in any way healthy options, most of the foods in that city are processed. In an article from health news, it is mentioned that the foods that the industry that processes foods look for are not fresh fruits and vegetables, but other things such as corn, soybean, and

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