Analysis Of JFK Steel Prices Speech

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People have all different kinds of perspectives of American Culture. Many believe it is equality, all people are created equal, privacy is also something Americans pride themselves on. But what really is the American dream? Everybody wants to make a living for themselves right? Everybody wants to keep advancing up and not down, but what motivation do we really have for that. Americans, for years now have based themselves on money. Some say money isn’t everything, but is that really true? We need to survive, we need to feed our famlies, we need to have a house to live in, we need clothes on our backs, and without money how are we going to get any of that done. So you don’t believe me that money is our American Culture. Let me show you money so everything in our country using evidence from JFK Steel Prices Speech, The Plastic Pink Flamingo, and finally Last child in the Woods.

John F. Kennedy uses multiple rhetoric strategies to convince the audience of the White House and the nation to come to his side and to get the stele companies to lower prices back. JFK expresses his disappointment with raising ten steel prices by using words such as “wholly unjustifiable” and irresponsible defiance” to describe the actions of the Steel Companies. By using some of these words this causes the audience to agree with President Kennedy’s claim and to disfavor the steel companies. But in the speech, Kennedy tries to include himself with the citizens of the United States by using the word

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