Analysis Of Jeff Hirsch's The Eleventh Plague

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“We must become the change we wish to see in the world.”. Mahatma Ghandi In the story, The Eleventh Plague Stephen has to live through a dystopia where China nuked America and people are dying from a strand of super flu that China created. In my companion book first you will go inside a plane and find a can of pears, then you will travel into the world of flashbacks, after that you will find out how Stephen being alone is so important to the book, find out what happens when Nukes are mixed with the flu and finally, you will find out how the story should have ended. 3 A Can Of Pears And A Plane Early in the story Stephen and his Dad find an old military plane that looked as if they were the first to find it when they went inside they found a rusted locker that was closed. When they got it open they found a large can of pears, fruit in the book is worth a lot because fruit is very scarce they could have traded the canned pears for batteries for their flashlight, new clothes, and bullets for their rifle. But instead of trading the pears they ate them because it had been a very long since they had tasted fruit. I think Jeff Hirsch put the can of pears in the book because he wanted to show how things that are widely available in the real world are very scarce where and when this book takes place it also makes it feel

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