Analysis Of The Devil's Bait By Leslie Jamison

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In the essay, The Devil’s Bait by Leslie Jamison, Jamison emphasizes her paper about Morgellons Disease. Throughout her essay, Jamison introduces the urgency of the disease by going to a location that is known to have many people asking the doctors to believe them. The reason Morgellons Disease is an urgent topic that must be discussed is because many people feel like their voices are not being heard and ignored. Many have a disease whom they see as needing emergency treatment, however they are being told it is their brain playing tricks on them. The rhetor is compelled to speak about this issue for it gives those whom she interviewed a sense of voice and a call out to doctors to be more understanding of their patients. The Kairos of when the essay was written is essential because if the essay was written in modern day, many will not read it for it is currently not a concerning issue compare to how it used to be. Living life while believing there is something living and crawling inside you is no easy thing just anyone can live with. Morgellons disease is a relatively rare condition that most frequently affects middle-aged white women. The skin shows symptoms of rashes, sores, fibers, the sensation of creatures crawling on or in your skin, and extreme itching. Anyone who lives with this disease will feel a great amount of discomfort and the idea that they will just be ignored is depressing. In the essay, Jamison writes as a recorder and a voice for the people whom are being
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