Analysis Of Workers Sue Target For Racially Offensive Document

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In the present business world, companies strive to be so politically correct, ethical, and unbiased that is seems ludicrous that language bias could still be a problem. In Lisa Scherzer’s article titled ”Workers Sue Target for Racially Offensive Document”, the author reveals that the usage of language bias is still an issue, even in large companies such as Target. While the document was not meant to be circulated outside of management, its apparition raises awareness concerning the racial slurs, stereotypes, and racist humor utilized by Target’s management against Hispanic employees. First, language bias appears in the form of racially charged words was used by Target’s management. One of the plaintiffs claims that the management team uses ethnic slurs, such as the term “wetback”, when addressing Mexican employees (Scherzer). The term used implies that the managers view all Mexican workers as having entered the country illegally by swimming across the border. The racist term is not something commonly employed in conversation and should not be used, especially by superiors, in a business setting. …show more content…

The article reports that the phrase “[y]ou got to be Mexican to work like this” was often directed at Hispanic employees concerning their work ethic (Scherzer). The phrase insinuates that all Mexicans work extremely hard for minimum pay and recognition, contrary to their superiors or employers. Instead of being a compliment, such as by replacing the word Mexican with dedicated or motivated, the phrase’s meaning indicates that all Hispanics are Mexicans and their work ethic comes from necessity and not

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