Essay On Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Have you ever looked into how much college is per semester? Well, the tuition is about to get higher. College athletes are asking for money as students, and all that money must come from somewhere. To begin, college athletes should not be paid because it would take money away from other activities, leave them with $100 left, and they will miss classes. The first point is even though college athletes have the same hours as a full-time job, athletes should not be paid because it would take money away from other activities. If athletes get paid $100,000 for every football player, there are usually 20 - 30 players per team. $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 goes to the football team yearly. If so much money goes to the football team, how much money does that leave for other activities? “If we pay the athletes maybe we should also do it for the first violinist in the school orchestra, or the lead actor in the theatrical productions, and perhaps popular professors allocate course enrollment slots to those students who bid the highest,” Andrew Zimbalist, sports writer. 80% of school activities have to raise money because all …show more content…

If college athletes were paid, what will happen to the rest of the activities? If we pay college athletes, it will raise tuition making it even more expensive for others to get in. There would be fewer activities because there is not enough funding. College athletes get big scholarships to pay for their whole semester of college. Musicians only get around half compared to the scholarships football players get. Why should other people have to pay more money than the football players? The football players most the time get a full scholarship to colleges of their choice. Why don 't any other

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