Analysis: Why Our Schools Are Obsessed With Standardized Testing

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There is a Problem with Standardized Testing In today’s education department, the success of a student is determined by their ability to excel on a standardized test. However, society is starting to debate whether standardized tests should actually determine whether a student passes to the next level. In both Anaya Kamenetz’s book and TV documentary, The Test: Why Our Schools Are Obsessed with Standardized Testing but You Don’t Have to Be, she describes problems in within the school system, ultimately leading the corruption and mistrust of the school system. The book review and Book TV have a lot of similarities and differences regarding the way the author’s views are expressed. On Book TV there was a book discussion on Cspan with Anaya Kamenetz where she talked about her latest book, The Test. Standardize tests such as the S.T.A.R and S.A.T can be over-whelming for many students because these tests determine where they are in terms of their skill levels. The Test is about the failures in American schools, targeting an audience of parents and teachers with children. Every child has a different way of learning; in most cases, there are some children that learn slower than others, and the modified tests are given to them are even more difficult than the regular tests. However, sometimes their …show more content…

Preparing for these standardized tests puts pressure on teachers, because there are deadlines that the students need to learn the objectives for each section on the tests. Kamenetz mentioned that in public schools, there are a large number of students that are failing based off of standardized test results; most of those students are in poverty. She also talks about different assessments for these teenagers to feel more confident and overcome their test anxiety for test preparation; it gives these children a chance to do better in the

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