Ancient Egypt Visit

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Every nation in the world has an attractive area, which everyone desires to visit it. One of the most enjoyable places that has its own shine that will dazzle the eyes is Egypt. By visiting Egypt, there are so many historic areas that the new kingdom dynasty era left that you will want to see because of Egypt amazing areas though Mediterranean Sea, The Delta, Nile River, Giza, Luxor, The Red Sea, and Nubia that have amazed so many to visit.
The Mediterranean Sea for instance, you’ll experience a tropical view of the ocean. Which was once known for its trade between cultures such as western Asia, North Africa and south Europe. At older times coming up new goods and tools from different cultures and regions around the Mediterranean Sea. At best the region simply making life easier for its people with the new tools and new inventions they had in ancient times. Then the sea was filled with man-made ships exporting and deporting goods and crops all around the ocean. Egyptians were so advance to travel the sea and stone tools …show more content…

You may hear that the delta gets its name because of its triangle shape it has. The delta is a river connected to the Nile River and it use to contain seven distributes that all drained out to the Mediterranean Sea. However, it only has two in present day which you can view. The distributes were from the east to the west and are called pelusiac, tanitic, mendesian, phatnitic , sebennytic, bolbitine, and canopic. Now only has the white and blue Nile. The delta is located in lower area of ancient Egypt. However, when exploring the delta and its fresh water that man once can drunk, you’ll hear that delta was a very rich agricultural land. Though its man-made canals for irrigation and drainage. Crops were easy to grow around theses area. Altogether experienced a flood once in a while but that’s was ok because it helped the crops to grow. You still see the delta river as it still

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