And Then There Was None Analysis

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Have you ever read a book and believe that a character is going to be the hero of the story but ends up being the villain in the end?Many authors do this and it comes out to be surprised and shocked everyone.In the book “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie she makes you feel like the character Judge Wargrave, who is a retired judge, is going to be the hero of the book.Judge Wargrave seems like he is going to be the hero because he is smart but in the end he is the villian himself. “And Then There Was None” is about a group of eight people have been invited to stay on Indian Island with Mr. and Mrs.Owen and their two servants.When the guest arrive The Owens are not at the exquisite mansion.They never arrive and then something strange happens, the guest are disappearing one by one. Our villain who seems like the ultimate hero at the time tells everyone that he dealt with homicidal causes in court before and he becomes the leader of the pack.He tells everyone suggestion to finding the murder.Then he ends up so the characters…show more content…
But he is the villian in the end.Agatha Chritie makes us feel like there is no villian at all.Judge Wargrave changes his personalty from the begging to the end.At first he seems nice,then he seems like the percfet hero,but at the need he is an evil person who wanted to kill people who were wrong and accidnet or purposaly killed other pople.The judge says in the book,I have wanted-let me admit it frankly-to commit a murder myslef.” That shows us that he really was evil the whole time and not the person he said or seemed to be. This passage allows the read to see that Judge Wargrave is not the hero but truly an evil
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