Andrew Jackson Characteristics

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Loyal, Self Made, Chivalrous, and Motivated. Aren’t these the characteristics of a great leader. These were all characteristics that Andrew Jackson had and would always have throughout his presidency. Andrew Jackson is more commonly known for the Trail of Tears, this leads people to believe he never did anything good for the United States when in reality he did many revolutionary things for the presidency and for the United States.

Even before his presidency Andrew Jackson had helped the United States. Andrew Jackson had served in the military during the Creek Wars. Jackson would later use his military strategy to win the Battle of New Orleans. Military strategy wasn’t the only thing he had, he also had Economic strategy. During the Nullification crisis goods from Britain were being imported and …show more content…

presidency in many ways. One very revolutionary way Jackson changed the presidency was he made it to where the president had more power. He didn’t change the power of the president so much that he had full power, however he did change the power to where the president had more of a say in laws, economics, and many other things. Another major change made to the presidency was that every time a new president came into office the cabinet of the previous president would be cleared out and the new president could pick his cabinet. This change made it to where a president wouldn’t have the chance of his advisors conspiring against him.

Many people tend to think that Jackson is a monster for the trail of tears. The trail of tears benefited both the Indians and the North American Settlers. The Indian tribes may have had it rough but they were the first ones to have a glance at the new living and North American settlers were able to move into new land. If the trail of tears never happened North American settlers would have had a more difficult time building towns and these towns couldn’t be built then America wouldn’t have been built the way it is

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