Andrew Jackson Essay Topics

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Jazmyn Vonner
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Oct. 13 2017
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson was, and still is a controversial subject when referring to his presidency and his contributions to America. Nonetheless, he is still one of the most polarizing political and influential beings of his time. The creation of an extremely successful political party, that is still in use today, was one of his greatest achievements. Jacksons intense drive for discipline and organization helped mold the role of the president for the future candidates.
Jackson was born into poverty and did not receive much education. He decided to move west of the Appalachian Mountains to Tennessee. Despite his lack of schooling, Jackson grew to become a prosecuting attorney in the region that …show more content…

The British had an extremely powerful navy, the most powerful in the world at the time in fact, that did not compare to that of the Americans. Some causes for this war included America’s passion to expand and British efforts to restrict American trade. The Americans endured many losses against the British but had a few victories as well. Andrew Jackson was a major general during this war and made many important decisions concerning U.S. militia in the war. One of the principal decisions made by Jackson was when he led the Americans through the Battle of New Orleans which resulted in a win and gave him the title of war hero. Even after the War of 1812, Jackson’s role in the military played a huge part in American expansion. He ordered an invasion in Florida and claimed the land for the U.S. By doing this he helped speed the acquisition of Florida in …show more content…

His supporters gathered enough support to get him nominated for presidency and a spot in the Senate. None of the nominees won the electoral vote but Jackson won the popular vote. The House of Representatives had to decide between Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, and William Crawford. After Crawford grew ill, Henry Clay- a nominee who finished fourth- gave Adams his support. John Quincy Adams ended up winning the election even though he did not make a very good president and only one third of the voters voted for him. After Adams’ win he made Clay his Secretary of State. Jackson’s supporters claimed that this was a “corrupt bargain”, and not too long after this Jackson resigned from the Senate. Four years after this election another election emerged. Jackson, along with Henry Clay, was a nominee for this presidential election. Jackson focused on majority rule and representation for the common man. Since the beginning of America, the only people who had any say in what happened were white, landowning men. Jackson wanted to spread political power to ordinary people. Jackson played a prominent role in white male suffrage as most states by 1850’s adopted this. He promised strong states and a federal government that was not involved in the state's’ affairs. Both Jackson and Clay received many personal attacks from this election. Jackson’s wife was accused of adultery and Clay was accused of being a

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