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Essay During the nineteenth century, the United States had a historical turn with the 17th president of the country Andrew Johnson. According to several printed and online sources, Johnson was born during the first years of the nineteenth century in 1808. He was elected the 17th president of the US in 1865 and served the States for four years as his presidential mandate. He believed in his Democratic party at the time to base his politics.
Andrew Johnson was labeled a War Democrat for various reasons. Of course, as we know, he was a true advocate of the Democratic Party. Adherents to this party were all against Confederacy; they were always looking for more aggressive policies as far as Confederacy is concerned while they showed support to
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He regretted that “the bill which has passed both Houses of Congress, entitled “an Act to protect all persons in the United States in their civil rights, and furnish the means of their vindication,” contains provisions which he could not approve. In his message, he explained all reasons behind his veto but it was all summed up that his act is “consistent with his sense of duty to the whole people and his obligations to the Constitution of the United States”. It was also based on social groups coming from different races like Indians, Chinese and some other Asian…show more content…
But one of the important issues discussed in hot debates is the Gay marriage that has recently been permitted in the States. This was a real change in the whole country; many people welcomed the idea because they believe in total freedom of the human being and citizens’ liberties. But other groups mostly coming from religious backgrounds stood against what has been restructured in the amendment concerning this point. The debate will never come to an end simply because proponents and opponents will see it from different angles and no one will decide who is right and who is
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