Who Was Andrew Johnson A Good President

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The President I have have chosen is Andrew Johnson. He was the 17th President of the United States serving from 1865-1869. He started out as a vice president when president Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. After that someone had to be elected the new president. Andrew Johnson was chosen. He was apart of the democratic party. During his presidency, some of choices were a success and others were failures. He served many roles as the president but not all of them when well. When he served as commander in chief, he abused his power. After Lincoln was shot and killed, Johnson had to step up and lead. But he didn't use this power wisely. He refused to cooperate with Congress. When Congress passed a statute over his veto, he used his military commanders in the South to sabotage the …show more content…

He was not a good candidate for either of the parties. Neither of the sides liked him very much. Democratic and republican did not put him up for re-election. He didn't really support the parties he was in. He was always drunk and used bad language and that made the parties not want to go along with him. He also wanted to keep slavery but also keep the union together. Andrew Johnson was a man that tried to persuade things to go his way for the benefit for himself. It was hard for him to pick a side because he was a democrat in a nation of republicans. Johnson was also chief diplomat. He did a couple good things. He made the purchase of Alaska and he prepared relations with Great Britain. But he still didn't do a lot of work as chief diplomat besides that. The secretary of state did more of the work than Johnson did. Out of the the things that he did as a president, I would say he wasn't a good president choice at all. Most of the choices he made did not benefit for the people he was serving. Everything that he was trying to accomplish was more for his benefit. He made had made some good choices here and there but over all he was not a good

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