Animal Observation Report

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The understanding of evolution that I now have is a lot clearer in several ways. The examples used in the videos were good at explaining how natural selection is capable of choosing what traits are significant, and as a result those organisms reproduce making the trait the majority. For example the peppered moth was an excellent way to explain natural selection. The white peppered moth had a high fitness level due to the very bright environment it inhabited. The bright environment made it hard for predators to prey on the white peppered moths. As a result white peppered moths were able to reproduce, and the white pigment continued being the superior trait. The white peppered moth continued to be the majority. However during the industrial revolution, with the fogginess and pollution, the environment got darker …show more content…

The four postulate of natural selection stated in the second video and the facts in figure 2.15 of the book basically infer the same things. Both the video and figure 2.15 states how no individual is the same, variation is heritable, all species have the great potential to produce offspring, and so on. Some differences are that in figure 2.15 they talk about how in a stable environment natural resources remain constant with little fluctuations and those populations remain relatively stable even if population number outnumber resources. Irreducible complexity basically says that many organisms and their system are too complex to have happened as a result of evolution through natural selection and random variations that occur through mutations. Creationists use the irreducible complexity as an argument to debate evolution and use the bacterial flagella as an

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