Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

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How many of you are avid makeup users? How many of you have taken medication prescribed by a doctor? Many of these things you use for your everyday lives are only out because of tests conducted through animal testing. Animal testing can actually be beneficial for humans and in other ways it can help us advance in modern medicine and science. Scientists use animals in medical research to study how the body works and how it reacts to different things. Animal experimentation are also experiments performed on animals to determine a number of things: efficiency, toxicity, and dosing of drugs before they are used on humans for trials. Some people say these experiments are morally wrong and that they should not be conducted to begin with; meanwhile, …show more content…

Therefore, any animal experimentation should further be carried out instead of scientists using humans as a means of experimenting. Animal experimentation has advanced tremendously throughout the years and has helped us advance in many medical discoveries. For example, because we have animal testing we have made advances in anesthesia, kidney dialysis, and without animal testing doctors would not have the chemotherapy to save 70% of children who now survive acute lymphatic leukemia (Americans for Medical Progress Educational Alliance). Another way to think about the successes of animal testing, Barbara Davies, deputy director of Research Defense Society, reports that “All you have to do is think of any major medical advances of the last 100 years to see the benefit of animal testing,” (Morrison, 2001). Supporters of animal experimentation argue that testing is not as cruel as it is believed to be by the common public. When people think of animal cruelty in the means of animal experimentation, they think of the information released by PETA where they say animals eyes are taped upward to keep them from blinking and other things in that nature in the means of experimenting for cosmetics and eye

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