Sexual Dysfunction Research Paper

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Sarah Decker
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Sexual dysfunction is a major concern in health medicine and is being researched further in order to best treat and prevent sexual dysfunction in both men and women across cultures, races, and ethnicities. Sexual dysfunction can affect one’s physical and emotional state as well as many other aspects of one’s life. Through further understanding of sexual dysfunction, health medicine professionals will enhance treatment and prevention of sexual dysfunction. The prevalence of sexual dysfunction has been greatly underreported because of the stigma surrounding the dysfunction and lack of valid and reliable assessment tools. Researchers have worked to examine …show more content…

For instance, De Boer helps the reader understand more about the assessment tools that are clinically useful in measuring sexual dysfunction and names tools would be less suitable for assessing sexual dysfunction for someone taking antipsychotic medications or experiencing schizophrenic symptoms. Previous research stated that further emphasis should be placed on developing a first-rate standard in measuring sexual dysfunction to which De Boer responded, by asserting the need for further evaluation of the sexual dysfunction assessments available at present. Although his study provides a foundation for assessing effective sexual dysfunction tools, further research is required in order to understand and implement more effective forms of assessment tools. Overall, De Boer assessed currently used assessment tools of sexual dysfunction and began to formulate a foundation of clinically useful assessments in order to better understand the depth and severity of sexual dysfunction symptoms exclusively in patients taking antipsychotic …show more content…

For instance, Nicolaou helps the reader understand more about sexual dysfunction prevalence rates in people with schizophrenia and the implications of sexual dysfunction for treatment. In addition, Nicolaou responded to previous research conducted on clients taking antipsychotic medications and their experiences with sexual dysfunction and further explored how treatment could be altered to better serve mental-health and sexual dysfunction symptoms. The article raises the question of which type of treatment would be most beneficial for clients experiencing both psychotic symptoms and sexual dysfunction. De Boer would agree with Nicolaou that sexual dysfunction among clients taking antipsychotics should be more of a focus considering the high prevalence rates of sexual dysfunction among this population. The author noted that further research should be conducted to explore the association between schizophrenic symptoms and sexual dysfunction to develop appropriate assessment tools to guide clinical practice. Overall, the article supports the idea that sexual dysfunction among people taking antipsychotic medications should be a focus of future

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