Anthem Revealed In A Dystopian Society

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Chapter I 1. A.) Anthem is set in a dystopian society. Everyone has rules they follow, and things they're supposed to believe. Most importantly, though no one is an individual. The word "I" is never used to refer to someone, and instead "we" is used. Each person is assigned a role /job in society. For example, doctor, street sweeper, etc. When a new discovery is made, it is voted on whether or not they're allowed to use it. For this reason, it took hundreds of years for the candle to be introduced. B.) I would not want to live in this society for many reasons, one being your not your own individual. Your plan is set for you. I would like to become a doctor and if I lived in a dystopian society I don’t know if they will agree with me on my …show more content…

My parents have always told me to be friends with people smarter than you they will help you and encourage you to try you best. So yes I would want a friend like Equality if he would help me become a better person. Chapter II 1. Fear is the prevalent emotion in Anthem because the people know nothing else. They say it is a crime to be unhappy but the people of Anthem do not truly know happiness. All there is in Anthem is fear, rules, and discipline. No one has ever shown them what it is to feel joy or love. They live in an unrealistic society with no emotions. 2. A.) On page 49 Equality is struggling to recapture the unspeakable word “I”. B.) There is not supposed to be individuality. So it is a crime if you speak the word I or me because you are introducing individuality back into the society. This could possibly start a rebellion in the community and bring back individuality. Chapter III 1. A.) Equality discovers electricity in this chapter. This is a very important discovery because if you can make electricity you can use it for powering things like a light bulbs on the wall the he mentioned. It could make life easier because instead of lighting and candle you can use the electricity to power light bulbs. You can also use this new discovery for saving lives with technology that eventually will be

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