Apollo 11 Accomplishments

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It seems common knowledge that in 1961 the United States of America became the first country to put a man on the moon. On the other hand, not everyone fully understands what an enormous accomplishment this was and how it has greatly impacted society today. The Apollo 11 mission not only proved that the United States was the leading super power in the world, but it also helped provide much needed nationalism, increase in support for science, math, and technology, and allowed for the technological advancements that around around today. For this reason, a monument is proposed to memorialize the numerous accomplishments made by the Apollo 11 mission. This monument will not only educate the public about the effects of the moon landing but also the …show more content…

[They were] huge” (qtd. in Gaudin). Firefighters today use liquid-cooled suits based on those created for Apollo astronauts. The freeze-dried food developed for Apollo astronauts to eat in space is now used for military field rations and survival gear. One of the greatest accomplishments of the Apollo missions was the integrated circuit, which led to the microchip used today. Created to minimize the amount of mass launched into space, integrated circuits are used in almost all technology today (Gaudin).
While there are a few monuments to commemorate the Apollo 11 mission or Neil Armstrong, none of them incorporate all of the important effects mentioned above, as this monument would. Not only would this monument educate the public on what the Moon landing meant for the United States, it would allow them to realize how much of today’s technology they gained from the space program, a realization much needed today when the government wants to end NASA’s …show more content…

Many natives live on Apollo Avenue, but do not know that the Apollo missions are what allow them to use common technologies, like a phone or laptop. With the addition of this monument the public will be able to fully appreciate the space program and why it is needed, as well as see the value in pursuing a career related to any science, math, or technology. Visitors can choose to come at different times of day as well, depending on what lighting they would like to see from the monument. Whether the sunlight streams through the stained glass window cascading into waterfall of colors, or a quiet darkness whispers across the statues solely light by small radiating jewels is up to each

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