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Scientists believe that meteorites graduated from belt meteorites (asteroid belt), because the heat of the sun heats the meteorites in an irregular manner. This is what makes meteorites slowly deviate from the original tracks to spin oceans. The atmosphere plays an important role where protecting us from these small and medium -speed objects. But it unable to protect us at high speeds of objects that we met, it also fails at large objects sized. What happened to Jupiter in 1992, it can happen at any time for our land, so we have to be ready to protect the earth and protect ourselves. Norwegian Space Centre was announced in late 2005 that a large asteroid called (APOPHIS) will be shocked with the Earth in 2029.Where will rotate in its own orbit around the Earth to reach Earth Friday, April 13th 2029. It will fall to Russia and destroys a large part of it and as a result will see the earth in the summer for three years due to dust as a result of this collision is likely to happen. The meteor (APOPHIS) is the largest meteorite known where it has a large rock diameter of 500 meters and because of its rotation around the earth and being it near to the land my it will destroy satellites in the space. Physicists expected that space the bumping force of (APOPHIS) to the earth …show more content…

Will collide with a meteor to one of the satellites moving around the earth as figure 1 where it shows the movement of the satellite around the Earth when it spins around the sun during its rotation number after time in the trilateral dimension which is a slinky-turn-ellipse curve. Since the earth revolves around the sun in unclosed ellipse, then the path of the satellite seems like the motion of barycenter of solar system relative to the sun as in figure 2 (see [24]) during specific time periods. Let the satellite moves according to the model

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