Are Immigrants Hurting Our Economy Essay

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Mohamed Hamud
Kylie and Nicole
ENGL 2015
Are Immigrants Hurting Our Economy?
A country of possibility for immigrants, the United States has long been thought of. Nevertheless, both historically and currently, Americans have voiced worry over how poorly immigrants became incorporated into the American way of life and how this has resulted in lower salaries for native-born employees. Immigration has historically provided countries with significant social, economic, and cultural benefits. The history of immigration is lengthy and diverse, and it has frequently led to the emergence of multicultural communities. We have heard a lot of misconceptions about immigrants going to another country to cause havoc, corruption, and …show more content…

The economic effect is dependent on the age, education, and skill level of the immigrant community in each state and differs widely at the state and local levels. Many people have this belief that immigrants are displacing Americans from their employment. Although immigrants increase the labor supply and demand, they also increase local economic demand by purchasing houses, food, televisions, and other products and services with their earnings. As a result, there is more employment needed to construct these houses, produce and market food, and transport Televisions. Immigrants are extremely enterprising without a doubt. A change in immigration laws would make it easier for highly skilled and experienced workers to enter the United States and launch companies that provide employment for citizens. Additionally, it can promote business expansions, investment, and establishments in the United States. As previously stated, increased immigration boosts the productivity of American employees by adding to technological progress. Increases in worker efficiency result in greater salaries on average. Researchers have also discovered that immigrants improve the creativity of American employees by enhancing their …show more content…

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