Argumentative Essay About Technology

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Today’s world has been dominated by the blooms of technology that is now further improved to a whole new advanced level. You cannot take a walk around your housing area and not see anybody looking down on their phones or tablets. This is something that has become so common and adapted into our daily lives. All these while, it may look harmless and seen as a potent way to improve our lives but is it really true? Or are the benefits of technology has been sugarcoated way too much? In my opinion, yes, they are. Unfortunately, you cannot unsee this anymore because it was true after all, technology brings harm to us. As much as its perquisites ease us, its drawbacks impact us more than anyone can ever imagine. What is much disturbing is technology…show more content…
We no longer care to talk to others during hangouts or short meetings instead we focus more on people behind our phones which is across the horizon. Of course, it is important to keep in touch with those who live far away but never neglect those who are in front of our eyes too. Do you realize that when you organize a social event, everyone shows up but are still busy with their phones? Almost every time of our lives is spent with phones, even during mealtimes. Another frightening thing is family gatherings can no more bond the family ties because technology has become the number one priority. For one moment, look up from your phone and observe others around you, well they are doing the same thing that you did before, looking at their phones. You can talk to a person and they will probably not pay attention because like what I said, technology is “bae” as in before anyone else. Also, kids will find it hard to talk to anyone in person as they only talk to others online.
As a conclusion, people’s dependence on technology has really affected creativity and communication. We assume that we cannot live without technology and finally, it has taken a toll on our creativity and communication. To overcome this problem, we should try to lessen our fascination towards technology before we are completely doomed. Live your life a little by doing things on your own and get to know others more. Remember, our ancestors can live happily
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