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Look at the mirror every day and recognize yourself, but when you look back at a photo that you have taken three years ago, you will probably say “Wow, I really have changed.” Melissa is definitely one of the person who can see her difference and all because she made a subtle correction to her smile. Nowadays, braces have been embraced by the younger generation and even adults as a cool thing to have. More and more people seek orthodontist to have their teeth fixed. As the trend of wearing braces continues to soar, is the expensive and often painful process of braces being overshadowed by cosmetic reasons? Ms Melissa, 23, describes herself as a geek or nerd after successful removed her braces for more than three years couldn’t imagined her …show more content…

The advancement of technology has made the traditional braces become more lightweight and effective which lead to shorter amount of times with less pain and discomfort. Moreover, the greater awareness among people on having good teeth have also improved which made them more open to orthodontic treatment. Dr Ng Kang Yang, 35, an orthodontist stated that tooth braces used to be a source of embarrassment for people but it has now become a modern-day fashion statement. There are quite number of celebrities wearing braces to solidify braces as an acceptable, current and fashion trend. “Even for people who get braces to look better, it’s often a matter of form follows function by someone who are prominence,” he added. “A beautiful smile is not only great aesthetics, but it’s also give a good first impression to people. And this is reason why peoples are coming here to seek for help.” According to the American Association of Orthodontics, it suggested that a child should have orthodontic check up by the age of 7. A regular check-up may identify whether your child’s bite is fine or if there any developing problem. This is an important step in helping to ensure your child’s teeth are off to a great start and have a healthy and attractive smile that will last

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