Argumentative Essay On Mass Shootings

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Finial Draft In the world of today many citizens are involved in a mass shooting, and these mass shooting areas are mostly gun free zone an example would be a school. When a mass shooting occurs many of these citizens are disarmed. These citizens' fate all depends on how fast the law enforcements arrives at the scene. Why risk waiting when you can just eliminate the threat right then and there? If the area was a gun free zone the citizens would be defense less. These helpless citizens can only rely on their hand to hand combat skills to stop the threat. This is why we shouldn't ban guns or put any restriction on the gun because, it is in our bill of rights, will create an unbalanced power between the government, many citizens without guns …show more content…

When the government, The British, came into our territory back during the Revolutionary War many citizens were armed ready to defend themselves. Though when the British came the British army started to take away the people's guns! This created the opportunity for the British army to take control over the citizens. People may also say that our founding fathers created this amendment back when people had muskets. This is not the reason why we created the amendment because if we still used muskets that would create an unbalanced power between the government and the people. Also our founding fathers recognized this problem, so they added the second amendment to protect ourselves from the unjust government and criminals. Now people may say that our founding fathers also put the second amendment just because people needed to hunt, but this is not true. If our founding fathers created this amendment they should have known that guns would technologically advance as time when on. Even if the government manages to ban guns it would just make things worst! During the 1920s the consumption of alcohol was illegal. This lead too many problems like the speakeasy. This also strengthen the power of some major gangs. Now if we apply the same concept but replace the alcohol with our guns that would be total chaos. Gangs would be powerful with many weapons they buy illegally. Criminals would not obey the law and would just rob “good” citizens without getting

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