Argumentative Essay On Planned Parenthood

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On Wednesday September 30th the House of Representatives passed a temporary spending bill. President Obama has signed that bill to avoid a government shutdown over the issue of defunding Planned Parenthood to cut spending. Planned Parenthood is the nations largest abortion provider, which is the reason why Republicans want to defund it, along with a recent video leak by anti- abortionist republicans of officials apart of Planned Parenthood discussing the illegal sale of fetal tissue. The video was said to be edited and the group denied any illegal activity. Planned Parenthood receives about twelve percent of its $528.4 million dollars from the government through grants and reimbursements from a law called Title X. Title X gives money to not only Planned Parenthood but also hospitals, schools, health departments, and other non- profits. About the other seventy- five percent of its money comes from patients they are serving insured by Medicaid. A government shutdown would mean that thousands of people working in the government would furlough if Congress did not make this decision. With only seven hours remaining till the government ran out of money, the House of Representatives passed a bill with 257 votes in favor, …show more content…

Half of the Republican Party voted for this bill and the other half voted against so there is technically a three- way split that Boehner cannot even resolve resulting in his resignation. This is all very important because both Parties have to come to an agreement by December 11th or it will result in not only a government shutdown, but the government will have to default on its debts meaning it will not be able to pay its bills. This affects all other countries and organizations we are suppose to be paying because we will not be able to pay them. This brings up the other issue of what to do with spending caps- lift them or keep

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