Argumentative Essay On Syrian Refugees

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Imagine having to leave your home just having to know that you can lose your life at any moment, and or the life of a loved one? To be tormentented to know that if you flee your life mill marginally get better? This mentality is shown in the test “Refugee Crisis ‘ the water was coming from inside the dinghy- I thought I was going to drown” and “Inside the lebanese camps where syrian refugees are struggling to survive”. This is the impact of the Civil War that is going on still, as the government wants to form a dictatorship, also how some Desperately try to smuggle themselves. Overall, Syrian refugees faced and are still facing many struggles when fleeing home, such as family issues and horrible living conditions. Syrian refugees have …show more content…

Also “We were so frightened, she tells me. They demolished the building right on top of us while we were sleeping. The kids started crying and screaming. I hurt my hand, it was covered in blood. The cops took all the men away, they said our daddies would be right back but my brother ran away.” This shows how people are being tormented and even are having their homes demolished right on top of them, not only is it bad enough, the cops took away all men most likely either letting them go or forcing them into labor. Lastly “It’s a place most people would avoid spending even ten minutes inside, but human beings are eating sleeping and breathing there every day. Dozens of thin, grimy-faced children scamper about the two-story building, playing among the rotting furs and machinery. They all cough frequently-deep hacking noises are better suited to heavy cigarette smokes then kids” This shows how they are being in terrible health conditions that nobody would ever want to be in and those areas are highly unsuitable for life, they are being proven and shown of how the people are being horribly treated and that they cannot live properly just like every human being is entitled

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