Should Whaling Be Banned Essay

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"There is nothing to throw away from a whale except its voice" (Arader, 2012). This ancient Japanese proverb demonstrates the depth of whaling within the Japanese culture throughout the ages. According to the Kijoki, the oldest chronicle in Japan recording the ancient Japanese history; the first emperor of Japan used to eat whale meat and fishing villages built whale monuments to celebrate whale hunting and shrines to worship the whale as well (Facts About Japan, n.d.). Similarly, whaling has a considerable impact on the Norwegian culture that date back to the age of the Vikings. Fishing villages in Norway relied heavily on whales as a resource as, according to sources that date back to the beginning of the 20th century, "one sperm whale provided around 10 tons of fat, 3 tons of carcass meal, and 7 tons of bone meal" (Húsavík Whale Museum, n.d.). …show more content…

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Globalizing one opinion and imposing it on others just because the globalized perception is indifferent to the cultures of the whaling nations, is intrusive and manipulative. Imposing beliefs and sympathies of one perception on others without taking in consideration the cultural roots of the issue will only aggravate the conflict and create non-rationalized reactions. On the other hands, the whaling nations should be more active in spreading their beliefs and culture throughout the world and make greater effort to explain why whaling is so important to them from a cultural, nutritional, and economical point of

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