Argumentative Essay On Women In The Military

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When you think about the frontline in combat in the military you think of men in there and not women. Society has made us to think sexest and be more towards the male. Some people believe women are too weak to be in combat, women should be able to have different roles in the military and be able to fight if they want based on equality and if they meet the physical and mental requirements. Women can tolerate much more pain than man, we are strong and worthy of fighting in combat with men. It’s been proven that women can tolerate more pain than men. Stanford University has made some research and said that women can tolerate more pain that some other men do. Some women can’t take the pain of having birth and some think it doesn't hurt. They gave some men some shocks that feel somewhat like contractions and they weren't able to tolerate the pain. We as women, our body were made to take pain just like men or maybe even …show more content…

If a women wants to fight at war I think we should be able to fight for her country if that's what she desires. We have the strength and can do anything any other human being can do. We just have to work a bit harder because we're women and were seen as fragile people and weak. There’s been wars where there were women in the front line and the ranger in there said “there is no space for women here”. I honestly found that offensive because women are capable of doing such things like men do. Women should be able to fight in front line combat because everywhere we go women are there to help, it’s in us to be helpful to others. Some people might disagree and say that women aren't made for the war and all that but that’s just excuses for us not to fight. I understand that we can be a distraction and all that but we’re all grown up and should be able to fight all the attractions and stuff. They’re there for a reason and that’s to fight for our Country and serve and

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