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As one of the biggest entertainment, YG entertainment seems to have a very different attitude and way on solving varied artists’ problem especially on facing question about controversy on artists’ appearance, which they tend not to concern too much about how great their trainees or artists’ visual should have like other idols. There is an article referring that, “YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun-suk commented that in contrast to the early years of the Wave, his company is now looking for people who are not necessarily good-looking but have something special about them.” (Yi 2013) (Roald “Uniform”, p103)? Comparing to SM entertainment, they tend to have most good-looking in their idol groups such as EXO, SHINee, TVXQ, Girl Generation, and F (X).…show more content…
TVXQ’s Donghae and EXO’s Baekhyun are following them. (TC Candler) There is no doubt that good appearances is one of the most important factors to lead idol success by attracting numerous fans, and Roald also proof that “The visual aspect of K-pop is a major part of its attraction” in the article. (Roald, “Uniform” p 93) There is an article that posted in allkpop.com, which that wrote by Korean media outlet, Star Today. It analysis the weakness of SM entertainment that even though they tend to have an ideal appearance that attractive huge amount of fans, however, it wrote that “Surprisingly enough, it was because they possessed all of the ideal elements which resulted in evaluations stating that the group does not stand out among the plethora of idol groups. Being so "typical" can display the group as lacking their own unique color.”(“The Weakness of SM, JYP and YG…show more content…
However, what still make YG’s artists stand out of all visual perfect idol is that they have outstanding sense in fashion to matching well with their music styles and also they show their great personalities and attitude in their music and actives. For example, 2NE1’ visual breaks usual conventional image toward idol girls at the first when they debuted, who dress up in punk fashion and show rebellion in their action, makeup and dressing especially in their music video of the song “ I AM the Best” instead of showing purity, cute, and elegance image like most of other girl’ idols. (Roald, “uniform” p 99) Even though 2NE1’ members doesn’t have outstanding faces or body like Girl’s Generation does and usually shows Hip-Hop styles on dressing, it doesn’t affect people to love their song with unique styles in fashion because every groups should have their own styles and characteristics of their image and music and YG entertainment do well in cultivating artists talent and preserve their own color by setting less regulation on expressing themself. Another successful example is the success of PSY, who was a middle age man without packing with outstanding appearance and unique fashion, he still make his way in conquering global market with his special choreography and catchy music in “Gangnam style”, which he had worked

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