Argumentative Essay: The First Organ Transplant

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I believe that the first organ Transplant because we would be so behind in the medical world if we had never learned or found out that we could do transplant organs and keep people from dying. In 1950 Ruth Tucker, age 49 was suffering from polycystic kidneys and really needed a new kidney to live. Both her sister and mother had died from the same disease. Ruth made history on june 17, by being the first person to ever have a organ transplant, the surgery took 45 minutes.

I believe that Truman signing the peace treaty with japan to end WWII was the most important thing that happened in 1951. On September 4th, the United States and 48 other nations signed a peace treaty to end world war II. Truman made the first ever transcontinental television
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On July 2nd, Jonas Salk tried the polio vaccine on children who had already had polio and had recovered from it. After he saw that it worked then he tried on people who had not ever had polio like himself, his wife and even his kids. All of the volunteers produced antibodies and none of them ever got sick.

On February 28, 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick announced that they had discovered the double-helix, which contains human genes. The double-helix is a spiral of two DNA strands containing a long chain of monomer nucleotides, wound around each other. The finding of the double-helix helped out the medicine world greatly and changed the way that do things. We can now identify human remains and create treatments for diseases such as aids.

In 1954 “A frank Statement” came out trying to hide the truth about what cigarettes can really do to you. On January 4, 1954 the article came out in response to a study showing that the tar in the cigarettes could cause cancerous tumors on the skins of mice. This was the the first campaign to try and stop the reports that smoking could cause lung cancer and other dangerous health

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