Argumentative Essay On Right To Die

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The definition of right to die according to Cambridge Dictionary is “Right to die is the belief that a person should be allowed to die naturally rather than being kept alive by medical methods when they are suffering and unlikely to get well (Cambridge Dictionary).” While other websites have definition for right to die, some don’t have a definition because they claim that there is not definition for it. Right to die could be active euthanasia, passive euthanasia, suicide, and an assisted suicide. Active euthanasia is when a person is intervening to end someone’s life while passive euthanasia is when a person is withholding and withdrawing treatment to maintain life. “Assisted suicide is suicide committed by someone with assistance from another…show more content…
The pros to having the right to die law are that patients are able to end their suffering and pain. Some patients have illnesses that are so painful that the only way to get rid of the pain is to end their own life. The patient is able to die in dignity because they don’t have to worry about losing their mental and physical capacities. The patient can arrange to say goodbye to their love ones and their financial burden is reduced. Patients are able to donate their organs to other patients if they were planned ahead of time. This is a painless way for patients to die and this could be the ultimate way for patients to find…show more content…
With most websites that have a definition for the right to die, there are a few that don’t have a definition. It is still a relatively new and there is a right to die moment that allows terminally ill patients to take their life. This particular organization called Hemock Society which mission is to also have laws for physicians-assisted suicide. As of April 24, 2017 there are only six states that allow the death with dignity. The first state to legalize physicians-assisted suicide is Oregon and the second is

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