Argumentative Essay: Why Doesn T Women Drive?

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Why can’t women drive? Because there isn’t a road between the bedroom and the kitchen. How many conservatives does it take to change a lightbulb? None, they still use candles because they are too afraid of change. I agree with George Carlin, pro life is anti-woman. But there are more topics we agree on, like the fact that god has to be a man. No woman could have screwed up as badly as God, so he has to be a man! Not only that, but we agree that women are crazy and men are stupid. But, its men's stupidity that drives a woman crazy. So next time you accuse a female of being crazy, check yourself before you wreck yourself.
Now, think about how you just felt. Insulted, and offended are probably the feelings you are experiencing, maybe even …show more content…

I do believe in equality. Why do you have to choose what type of woman you are? Why do you have to label yourself anything?" But the key word she used was feminism. It is a word that everyone has heard. But even though you might have heard it, does that mean you know what the true definition of feminism is? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines feminism as “ The belief that men and women should be equal in rights and opportunities,” yet if that is true, why do some people hate feminism, and think that feminist hate men? Why do these people believe that feminist want women to become superior to men? Yes, it is true that women and men are beginning to be equal, but in no means are 100% equal. Yet some people think they are, and that feminism is irrelevant. Even though that is a popular opinion, it is incorrect. There is still a lot of sexism today in the modern era. From slut shaming to rape culture, advertisements and the media, laws and health, woman are still being discriminated against. Not only does feminism work for women's rights, it also works for men. So it’s time to stop assuming things, and learn the facts. There is still sexism toward women, and until there is none, feminism will never be …show more content…

How would you feel? Now imagine if as you get older the wage gap increases. That doesn’t seem fair, is it. But it happens. Infact this is what women experience. The wage gap starts as 10%, but as a women gets older, it increases. It increases all the way to the wage gap being 64-74%. Is this right? No it isn’t. People give the excuse for women going through pms than menopause. But that shouldn’t affect this. Infact those don't affect women that much, it doesn’t make a woman irrational and hormonal, or unstable. Infact, men are hormonal also. Testosterone affects men a great deal, it makes them angry and irrational. So by saying that just women are emotionally unstable is a lie because men are just as unstable as women.
When women are young, they are sexualised, and considered to be beautiful. So as a woman ages, people believe their beauty decreases. Ironically, as a woman ages the wage gap increases. See the connection? When woman are young and beautiful they are paid a lot more than when they are older. Because men think of women to be sexual objects, only there for their pleasure. So when a woman ages and their beauty goes down, the men, the bosses lose interest. The wage gap increases all because they don’t have a pretty young thing to look at and harass. They begin to forget that women are people too, with

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