Argumentative Essay: Why Are Women Paid Less?

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Why Are Women Paid Less? —— It Is Not an Issue Only About Discrimination That Simple According to a survey by North American Industry System(NAICS), based on average wages, all workers in 2014 including full-time and part-time, women earned just 75.3% compared to men. As more and more women enter the labor market, this issue is increasingly attached great importance, and whether this issue relates to discrimination is the biggest concern. In his article, Mark Perry, the professor of economics and finance, argues if the gender wage gap is caused by discrimination. In his opinion, simply claim that women are paid less due to discrimination is “fundamentally misleading” and “economically illogical.” There are more factors that affects this issue. In addition to the physical differences between men and women, different hours of work, importance degree of children, and occupational selections also influence different earnings. First of all, hours of work in some ways determine a person’s …show more content…

Yet, there are many problems beyond these factors. Why do women spend less time on work? Why are women paid less after they have children whereas men are paid more? And why do women choose more flexible jobs? There must be something beyond these factors and affects women’s decisions. I think the most important factor is stereotype. The power of society is huge. Almost everyone is doing what society expects he or she to do. It affects how people make a decision. Women are expected to spend more time looking after kids. It is same as men are expected to earn more money to support a whole family. That is why men and women have almost opposite situations. Furthermore, we have such a selection bias due to gender difference. For example, we always expect nurses are females and layers are

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