Argumentative Essay: Why Force Voluntary Service?

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Why force voluntary services? in 2009 63.4 million Americans volunteered by choice. Forced serivce is unnesecessary, why force Americans to volunteer when we already have so many americans who willingly volunteer for the United States. They put their life at risk for the people who are able to be at home with their loved ones. People would feel obligated to do it, rather than it being because they were honestly a caring and giving person. What about training? Whats gonn happen for the people who need trainng? Are we going to have to pay for our own training when really it shoud be the other way around? What about if the end up in a postion where there putting their life, and someone else's life is at risk. People are more athletic than others, and with some people is a natural instict. Some of the people may or may not be able to preform at the same level as other people. …show more content…

Their going to fall through becasue thats there job, if the goverment is just having people do it for free then there going to loose out on money. Thats there job thats their way of income. So whats going to happen to them, there just going to have to find another job because people took over their's thanks to the goverment. See its things like this that people dont understand, your putting other people's lives at risk due to trining.The hard working are going to end up job less because everyone is just doing a bunch of free work, and taking over there income. The quality of work is just going to go down the drain because, now people feel as if they have no choice so it's more of a "lets just get it over with already" type of situation. So that's why i feel as if we shouldn't inforce volunteer work and make it to where people are obligated to do it. Because America is already so great that we have so many, kind hearted people who will do it out of the kindess of their hearts, and not because they have

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