Arguments Against Gun Control

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Overall comments Recently there have been many debates about gun control, this is because of the rise of gun violence in the US. Many Conservatives and Republicans think that guns are their right, and it is their second amendment to bear arms in order to protect themselves, claiming it is unpatriotic to change it. However, according to Scholastic, the constitution has been amended 27 times since it was written. Some of these people think the solution to gun violence is to arm teachers and fight fire with fire. Those who do not wish to create more violence want to take guns away. They believe that without guns the amount of violence would greatly decrease. This has been shown to work in Australia, after their biggest mass shooting they put more restrictions on guns and saw great results (say,The same can be seen in Japan.“If you want to buy a gun in Japan you need patience and determination. You have to attend an all-day class, take a written exam and pass a shooting-range test with a mark of at least 95%,” say BBC news. We should raise gun restrictions rather than adding more guns because lives are being lost, guns only bring harm, and because we have seen the success of other nations who have raised restrictions. Guns violence has been on the headlines due to the recent mass shootings, this is because precious lives are being lost. Children, adults, and innocent people are being hurt. Not everyone that owns a gun wants to cause a mass shooting, but the
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