Argumentative Essay: Should Gun Laws Be Stricter?

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Aren’t you tired of hearing on the news that someone has died behind a gun incident. Eighty eight point eight per one-hundred people or about two hundred seventy million guns which is highest total per capita number in the world. Twenty-two percent of Americans own one or more guns thirty percent men and twelve percent women. Gun control needs to be more improved in order to save lives. I think that they should be stricter because people think that laws do not need to be stricter because that means more trouble if someone tries to defend themselves. This way of thinking is understandable because if we don't get weapons, then how are we supposed to protect ourselves. I also disagree with this because if the laws are more strict then there will be less crime and this will make them not want to do the right thing. Some argue that making gun control laws more strict is not the best way to go.( Sheldon Richman) argues that gun control is ineffective at preventing crime. Richman asserts that even if criminals are prevented from buying guns at gun shops, they may obtain them …show more content…

We need to think of others and how they would feel if they lost a loved one of if someone lost you. Firearms had good a bad sides that is hard to tell who is on which side. Gun control debate still going on in congress, because the use of guns can be good in a good way and can save our life and harm it. The unsuccessful gun control policy affect many violence in each year, although there are many programs that help us to use guns in the correct way, people still use it as a4 We should only use it when our life is in danger or is considered as a threat. Some don’t think of it this way they think it’s cool to have a gun, just to see that it’s cool. If we all come together and do this , then we will all become happy and then we won’t have to worry about someone's life being

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