Informative Speech On Gun Control

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My fellow Americans, I would like to thank you all for coming out today to listen to me speak on behalf of the future. America, the future is now. I want to strive in making a major impact on our country. Being President of the United States comes with a lot of responsibility. With all this responsibility, I want to make certain that America is the best it can be. In order for us to achieve the goal of making America the future it wants to be, we need to reform gun laws and assure that firearms are in safe and legal hands. We need to unite to stop the illegal immigration flowing into this country and slowly bring an end to climate change and global warming. Gun laws in this country are way too lenient and it needs to be stopped. It’s tragic to say that gun violence, such as mass shootings happen so often in today’s society. Compared to countries around the world, the United States has the highest mass shooting rate. In our country we tend to blame our mass shootings and homicides on guns, but without a human behind it guns are harmless. Instead of banning these firearms all together, which may only cause an uprising in illegally owning guns, why don’t we strengthen our gun control laws? By banning people the right to carry and own a gun, we are restricting them of their basic rights. If we increase background checks, insist on mandatory classes and shooting practice, requiring safe and secure gun storage, and engaging in legal and responsible gun dealers.

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