Arguments Against Huckleberry Finn

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It has been brought to my attention by your organization, that you wish to have the classic novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, banned from our school systems. Now, I can understand your views and claims against this book, but in order to stay with a clean conscience, I must not let you and your organization bring forth this motion. As the head of both the city council and the local school board, I hold some sway with the other councillors and board members as well. I shall do everything in my power to convince them to vote against this outrageous demand. That is if, I cannot convince you, or the majority of your organization to not move forward with this motion.

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Mr. Clemens uses some language that is highly frowned upon today, but was used quite commonly and wasn’t thought of as evil, when the story itself took place, in the middle 1840s. During this time slavery in the United States had nearly reached its peak, a time when Huck Finn was taught that slavery was the right thing, that turning in escaped slaves was the right thing; ideas that we now see as revolting. I can understand your reservations against this book, but the reasons you give to attack this book are revolting in themselves. The story as it follows Huck, follows how much the idea of slavery bothers him, how deep down in his heart he knows that slavery is wrong, and that the discrimination that Jim faces is wrong. Huck fights with himself against everything that he has been taught, even going so far as to agree to eternal damnation in order to save Jim. If that to you is the wrong kind of message to be sending to our children, then by all means continue with your motion to the school board. I surely hope that you and your organization do not actually think that way, that a book that fights against slavery and evil norms of a corrupt society, is something that we should not teach our

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